“We Recommend Jin Chung for Broker Services”

Our recent experience buying and selling a house has convinced us that good brokers are more than worth their fee. When buying a house, they keep on top of what is available that meets your requirements and make sure you see good prospects in a timely fashion. During the bidding process, drawing on their understanding of the market and their contacts with other brokers, they help develop a winning strategy. The proper strategy can help you buy a house while paying no more than necessary to have the winning offer. When you finally have purchased the house you want, they stay on top of all the little things that must be done and provide good references for attorneys, movers, craftsmen, etc. All of these things combine to save time and effort and decrease costs.

Selling a house, brokers can be even more important in both maximizing a seller’s return and facilitating the sale to make sure there are a minimum number of roadblocks once the “purchase and sale agreement” is signed. Because a broker has a day-to-day knowledge of sales of houses similar to yours in your neighborhood, he or she can develop a comprehensive market analysis that lets you pick a selling price that helps ensure a quick turn around at the highest price. The broker will handle getting good publicity, arranging for good quality professional photographs to be taken and posted on the internet, and preparing sales brochures for the open houses. The broker pays for all of these activities. Once the purchase and sale is signed, there are many details that a good broker will take care of. These include getting a smoke detector inspection done and meeting the buyers appraiser with data to help to get the highest appraisal possible to facilitate the buyer getting the desired financing. Again, all of these services save time while maximizing return from the sale.

We recently downsized from one home in Newton to another nearby. Our broker, Jin Chung … provided all of these services. He was always available from early morning until late at night seven days a week to answer questions and take care of our requests. … His hard work let us quickly sell our house for top dollar while finding a house to buy that met all of our requirements. He saved us countless hours by taking care of many details without being asked. My wife and I would strongly recommend using him for buying or selling a house.
— Tom & Elsa Lawrence, Clients

An organized, intelligent, and respectful agent

My name is Ed Lenox, and I am writing to recommend that you use the services of Jin Chung, who is a broker with Keller Williams, when you are buying or selling a home in the greater Boston area.  Jin did not ask me to write this letter.  This was entirely my idea,...

Highly Prepared For These Difficult Times

We hired Jin Chung because he left a flyer on our doorstep before we were even considering selling our house.  That showed us he was willing to work for our business before we even hired him! When we finally decided to sell our house, we were heading towards a...

Letter from a Personal Representative

Dear Mr. Chung, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help selling my brother’s house. You contacted me shortly after I was appointed the Personal Representative of my brother’s estate. It was an extremely stressful, emotional, and overwhelming time. You put...