Probate is the judicial process where a will is proved and accepted in a court of law as a valid public document as the true last testament of the deceased, or settled in the absence of a legal will.  In this process an executor, or personal representative (“PR”), is appointed to dispose the assets in the manner specified in the will.

On major responsibility of the PR is to choose knowledgeable professionals, such as a real estate professional who will ease the burden of selling the property in the probate process.  Jin has the experience of helping PRs with a will and a without will.  Through his experience, he understands the level of stress PRs go through in this process.

It takes knowledge and experience of a Realtor® to make the real estate transactions go smoothly and quickly.  Over the years, Jin gained the experience to handle the many unique circumstances which arise from the sale of estates in probate. (See this letter of thanks from a past client). Jin has contacts with all manner of professionals, such as real estate and eviction attorneys, CPAs, Investors, liquidation servicers and contractors, who can help you to get top dollar for the property quickly.

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