We hired Jin Chung because he left a flyer on our doorstep before we were even considering selling our house.  That showed us he was willing to work for our business before we even hired him! When we finally decided to sell our house, we were heading towards a pandemic and lockdown. 

Jin was highly prepared with the knowledge required to sell our house in these difficult times.  We set a date for the photographs of our house and they were online within a day, beautifully displayed, two days before our open house.  We had hundreds of inquiries and a long line of visitors waiting outside on one of the hottest days of the year. 

Jin kept the traffic into the house flowing safely and kept everyone hydrated.  He provided shoe covers and disinfectant.  We received several offers immediately after the open house and signed the Purchase & Sale shortly after.  Because the house was cleared of furniture, we had to stay elsewhere during the month or so of the preparation for the sale. 

Jin worked hard to help with the garbage and watering the gardens.  He installed new smoke detectors that were compliant, arranged for the city inspector to close a permit, helped with some heavy lifting, and facilitated the ability to finalize the sale of our house while we were out of the country- during a pandemic!  Jin was not only fantastic, but we’ve made a friend for life!  We highly recommend Jin with no reservations. I authorize Jin Chung to use my recommendation for his business.
— Lisa Ganley-Leal, Past Client

An organized, intelligent, and respectful agent

My name is Ed Lenox, and I am writing to recommend that you use the services of Jin Chung, who is a broker with Keller Williams, when you are buying or selling a home in the greater Boston area.  Jin did not ask me to write this letter.  This was entirely my idea,...

Letter from a Personal Representative

Dear Mr. Chung, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help selling my brother’s house. You contacted me shortly after I was appointed the Personal Representative of my brother’s estate. It was an extremely stressful, emotional, and overwhelming time. You put...

A Letter of Thanks

I inherited a 3-family multi-unit from my parents that had seen better days. There were issues galore: an uninhabitable unit, plumbing issues, asbestos issues, you name it. To top it off, there was a reverse mortgage on the property and the mortgage company had...