My name is Ed Lenox, and I am writing to recommend that you use the services of Jin Chung, who is a broker with Keller Williams, when you are buying or selling a home in the greater Boston area.  Jin did not ask me to write this letter.  This was entirely my idea, because I want to share how pleased my wife and I have been with the service and guidance Jin gave us, resulting in the highly successful sale of my mother-in-law’s house this past week.

     My mother-in-law died nearly three years ago.  We probated will, and, consistent with the terms of the will, my wife was appointed as Personal Representative of the Estate.  Because another family member was still living in the house, we did not work toward selling the house right away.  While we were still “on hold”, we received a very tactful letter from Jin in which he explained his experience working with Personal Representatives selling family homes.  Jin continued to stay in touch periodically, but not in a pushy way whatsoever.  He understood and respected the reasons why we were not moving to sell the house right away.  In any event, when we eventually became ready to sell, we met with Jin, and we decided to use his services.

     My wife is “high strung” to begin with, and she was extremely stressed by the emotions and demands that arose from having to deal with her mother’s possessions that had been accumulated over 55 years of living in the house, not to mention the concerns that we both had over not having bought or sold a house in over 40 years.  Jin, however, made it his mission to lessen as much of the stress as he possibly could.  Jin suggested a timetable and a marketing strategy, without foisting it upon us, and his strategy in hind sight was completely successful.  He had suggestions about how to dispose of “stuff” and how to ready the house for open houses.  He assisted us in analyzing the various offers that we received and advised us on how best to counter offer, but throughout the whole process he put our preferences first and never once forced any point of view upon us.  After we had signed a P&S and the date of closing was approaching, Jin helped us with all of the many steps, including the fire inspection, what to do about utilities, coordinating the visits requested by the new buyer, meeting the needs of the lawyers, etc.  At all times he was respectful of our needs and our own schedules.

     I am a retired attorney, and I greatly appreciate organized, intelligent, respectful people, especially those who are good communicators and who are able to give input and share their expertise without becoming controlling or overbearing.  These are traits that Jin exhibited throughout our whole process, and my wife and I are extremely grateful for all he has done for us.

     Without hesitation or reservation, my wife and I strongly recommend Jin to you!  I authorize Jin Chung to use my recommendation for his business.
— Edward Lenox, Esq., Past Client

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