I inherited a 3-family multi-unit from my parents that had seen better days. There were issues galore: an uninhabitable unit, plumbing issues, asbestos issues, you name it. To top it off, there was a reverse mortgage on the property and the mortgage company had started the foreclosure process. To say I was under stress would be an understatement.

I had recommendations from my probate attorneys and friends for other Realtors®, but I could tell from the packet I received that you were different than most Realtors®. You did your homework before sending me your letter. After meeting you I found I could trust you to do what was best for us.  

You paid for the full title search and with your analysis, found that we could come out ahead if we didn’t foreclose, but listed the property for sale instead. I couldn’t believe it when we received twelve offers after the first open house! Your estimate was spot on, and we were able to close on the sale quickly. Just as you advised, we had substantial money left over after the sale. 

My wife and I are greatly appreciative of your service to the estate. I have no more bills to pay! We thank you for relieving the stress and worries prior to our meeting. I can honestly say, contacting and hiring you was the best decision I’ve made as personal representative.

— David Frederick, Past Client – Probate Estate

An organized, intelligent, and respectful agent

My name is Ed Lenox, and I am writing to recommend that you use the services of Jin Chung, who is a broker with Keller Williams, when you are buying or selling a home in the greater Boston area.  Jin did not ask me to write this letter.  This was entirely my idea,...

Highly Prepared For These Difficult Times

We hired Jin Chung because he left a flyer on our doorstep before we were even considering selling our house.  That showed us he was willing to work for our business before we even hired him! When we finally decided to sell our house, we were heading towards a...

Letter from a Personal Representative

Dear Mr. Chung, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your help selling my brother’s house. You contacted me shortly after I was appointed the Personal Representative of my brother’s estate. It was an extremely stressful, emotional, and overwhelming time. You put...